Emily Salmon, violin

Emily caught on camera!

One moderately cold Autumn afternoon, Emily and her friend Ethan Wood were ambushed at Lincoln Center by a photographer and asked to play "Something. Whatever you want. Really, whatever you've got". Put on the spot, they decided to play the Saraband and Double from the Partita in B Minor for solo violin by Bach, simultaneously. Having only one copy of the music, and no stand, they placed the book on the ground, Emily did her best to play the Double by memory while Ethan played the Saraband from the music. The result later appeared on YouTube. Enjoy!


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While a student at Juilliard, Emily often went when the weather was nice to busk in various parts of the city. Sometimes people made videos, and one such video surfaced online! Partially sideways, featuring a small child putting money in Emily's case and the voice of the camera-woman, this is part of the Allegro Assai from the Sonata in C major for solo violin by Bach. Played at Columbus Circle, NYC in the Summer of 2012.
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Featured in the Boston Metro for a performance in Boston's Public Garden in 2009!